Understanding Laura

I am a crunchy oddball with too many ideas and too little time. Do you get me now?

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Prest-o! Change-o! (I wish!)

As previously mentioned, we'll be turning our "office" into Kellie's room. The transformation is to take place over the course of the next week.

If you know me, and you likely do, you know that I don't do well with projects that take longer than twenty-four hours to complete. I am unable to sleep knowing a project lies unfinished. Alas, I have no choice in the matter. I am not able to lift furniture by myself. (Something I have not taken kindly to!) And I can honestly say I've never steam-cleaned carpet by myself. The schedule I must surrender to is as follows:

Monday-The cable guy will come sometime between 2 and 6 (Gotta love the window they give me! I have nothing better to do than sit on my pregnant butt and wait for them to show up. Hang on a sec... Sitting on my pregnant butt... Nix the negative spin on that. I can handle doing nothing for four hours!)

Tuesday-We con a few of our friends into helping us move our desks downstairs to the newly-connected cable-jack.

Wednesday-The steam-cleaning will commence. We have to go with a pro as Zoe has had her fair share of puppy piddles in what will be Kellie's room. Also, there is some mysterious stain that I can't seem to get up. I lied, I've never tried. But it looks difficult to remove!

Thursday-I'll be painting some cutsie flowers in a border pattern on the wall. We've opted to get only one dresser, as opposed to a set. This room is a good size, so we decided that some color will make Kellie's furniture look less dwarfed.

Friday-We buy the dresser. Move the dresser (With the help of our aforementioned friends). Move the crib. Move the glider.

Friday night into the wee hours of Saturday morning-I will proceed to keep myself up until I've reached that point where everything is funny-I'm so tired. Filling the dresser, making the bed, organizing the toys, and pining after the organizational closet-sorters we've registered for.

Saturday-I'll probably buy the sorters because I can't wait until Kellie's baby shower. I want them now. It's what I do and why our registry continues to shrink rather than grow.

So, what would be a one-night project for non-pregnant Laura has become a week-long ordeal.

I may post again to harass you with more whining.
I'm extremely impatient.
Really. It's true.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Heck Yes! Halloween!

First things first, this is Zoe and George. George looks vicious, but he's not. He's the most submissive dog ever. Zoe just can't get enough of him. That ball of fluff on the right is GiGi. When we go to Petco, Zoe picks out her own toys. She picked GiGi. When we brought her home, she proceeded to tear her to shreds.
It makes for a nasty mess. I've vacuumed twice since yesterday.

This is Terra. She brings out the crazy in me. We decided it was about time to decorate for Halloween. After we munched on some pizza, we hauled out my gigantic tupperware of Halloween deco and went to town.
As if that wasn't enough, we left the boys home while we went to WalMart and bought even more deco.

This is Brian and Phil. I think they're watching football. Terra's humor is...well, there are no words to describe it. Fantastic? Zany? I don't know. Here's a clip: Me:Terra, what is "Phil" short for? Terra:(In the most straight face and serious voice you can imagine on such a small person.)

This is my new fall rug!
Transitional for Halloween and Thanksgiving!

This is just one of my many spooky displays of Halloween cheer.
We had a grand ol' time!

The following morning, I drank my glucose syrup for my diabetes test. The bloodwork takes two days to get back, but my urine test was looking good. So, cross your fingers, hopefully I don't have gestational diabetes!

If I do, at least Kellie enjoyed the ride.
She wouldn't mind another bottle of sugar coming her way.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Everything Baby

I figured out why I've hit a wall in posting.

It's because all I've been blogging about latey is Kellie and my belly and all the things I buy and do for her.

I think I was starting to annoy myself.

In all seriousness, nothing else exciting is happening in my life.

The most exciting thing I can think of is that we're going to be moving our computer desks downstairs so Kellie can have her own room.
And even that is related to Kellie!

Oh wait, we're having a puppy play-date tomorrow.

Zoe is in love.
His name is George.

She met him last weekend and has been misbehaving ever since we left his house. So has George. So at least the feelings are mutual. I'll get some pictures of her and her new love and then maybe I'll be able to blog without mentioning babies and their stuff.

To answer all the inquiries, the shirt from the Samoan guy used to be PaPa's. I acquired it from him when I was a teen and never gave it back. The guy was one of his coworkers. PaPa told him he liked his shirt and the guy tried to take it off his back to give it to him. When Pops refused, the guy took it home, washed it, and brought it back the next day. He forced it upon PaPa.

I'm pretty sure that's how the story went. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Not Feeling It

You know when you have nothing to say?
That's about how I'm feeling.

Or maybe I just don't want to put the time into blogging.
Sleep is definitely more important to me right now.

I think I may go to sleep now.

Monday, September 18, 2006


I just wanted to announce
that my belly button is approximately
five pounds weight gain away
from being an outtie.

I'm not quite sure if congratulations
would be the correct response to my announcement.

Perhaps condolences...?

Sunday, September 10, 2006

What did you have to do...?

Brian is sitting at his computer.
I've been awake for 20 minutes.

I look over and laugh because it's just dawned on me that he's wearing my shirt.

He screams and starts taking it off.

I say, "Wait! It's a man's shirt!
You don't have to take it off!
I got it from a big Samoan guy!"

He slowly pulls the shirt back down over his head,
and turns to look at me.

As his face squished up in prepared grossed-outness he asks,

"What did you have to do to get the shirt...?"

I laughed so loud! So very loud!
Because his face was horror-stricken.
It was just - AWESOME!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Just For Fun

This picture was taken by Chase right after we moved up here. I thought it would be fun to post because I'm crazy like that.

Side Effects

On numerous occasions, Brian has commented on the fact that pregnant women are made more vulnerable than non-pregnant people. This is puzzling to him because he thinks that we, as females, should receive special abilities that help ensure the continuation of our species.

Take, for example, the hormone relaxin. This hormone causes the pelvic region to loosen up, allowing ample room for Baby to grow. The side effects of this same hormone include blurred vision, loose joints, and what I like to call Rubbery Leg Syndrome. (You pregnant people know what I'm talking about.)

If we were still in caveman days, a pregnant woman might be caught running for her life from a wild animal only to find that her blurry vision, loose hips, and rubbery legs cause her to fall flat on her face, thus losing any chance of survival. If mother doesn't survive, neither does baby. And another opportunity for continuation of the species has been lost.

There are several other accounts Brian has mused about regarding the state of pregnancy. I count myself lucky to live in a time where my survival isn't dependent on how fast I can run or how far I can see. Because in all seriousness, I would have tripped and fallen into a ravenous pit of hyenas were that the case.

I can, however, find a positive angle on my pregnant state:

The definite decrease in migraines.

I've had two migraines since we conceived. TWO!
Previously, I was having a migraine once every four to six weeks.

I consider that a lucky side effect of being with-child.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


I can see my bathroom counter! It's been weeks...literally. I'm much better at mass cleaning projects than I am at general upkeep and maintenance of a clean area. So, I finally buckled down, plugged my iPod into my speakers and locked myself in the bathroom for a little over two hours. This clear and clean countertop and these ultra-oragnized drawers are the final result.

This picture serves two purposes. One:Betty (My iPod) is in the rocking chair. And Two:We have a rocking chair! We ordered it on Target.com because poor sad Alaskans don't have a Target up here. Nowhere in this ginormous state did anyone think to build a Target. Boohoo. Luckily, it only cost $11.00 to ship this chair and ottoman and it was mostly put-together. It took all of twenty minutes to finish assembling. I try to do my reading in this chair while hooking Kellie up to Betty's classical music selection. She kicks like crazy!

Funny enough Metallica is her favorite. Or it makes her really angry so she kicks harder... Brian likes to think she loves it, so we'll just stick to that.

Oh! And I finished painting Kellie's name all in one day!
(I got the idea from Heather)
Kacen is rooming-in with Heather and Paul when he arrives. Kellie will also be rooming-in and when I saw that Heather gave Kacen his own little corner, I really liked the idea. Hence, Kellie's name is on the wall in her own little corner.

I had a lot of fun painting and positioning the letters.
It made me want to do more crafty things.

Afterthought: Whoa! I guess the flash caught the crib at a weird angle or something! In real life, both the crib and the glider are the same natural wood tone. Weird. The color of the glider is the true color.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


While vegging on the couch last night, Brian set the remote control on my belly. We continued watching our new favorite series, Kyle XY. A couple minutes later, Kellie kicked so hard, she knocked the remote off my belly. Brian missed it and of course, she's no performing monkey in heels, she wouldn't do it again.

Then at midnight last night, she kicked so hard it woke me up and SCARED me! Like when you wake up suddenly from an intense dream? She's getting stronger.

Brian hasn't felt even ONE kick from her. Every time he puts his hand on my belly, she stops moving and it's like she decides right then is the perfect time to go to sleep because she doesn't move for an hour - sometimes two!

I'm hoping after she's born, all Brian will have to do is rest his hand on her head and she'll zonk out for two hours.

Talk about magic powers!