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Thursday, February 26, 2009

But I'm sickie!

When Kellie is sick, everything ends in an "ie" - sickie, nosie, wipie, foodie, cuppie... You get it.

On the cloth diaper and parenting forum I frequent, the subject of lovey's came up. I realized then that I had absolutely no pictures of Kellie with her lovey.

So here she is - stuffy nosie and all!

She became attached to this cat with a zippered body when she got sick. Maybe that's why she calls him Hobbie (instead of Hobbes, which is what Brian named him).

The blankie I made from bamboo velour. Kellie sleeps every night and nap with her blankie. If it is unavailable, MaMa's blankie will do. (I made an adult-sized blanket of the same material)

Hobbie she usually only asks for when she's feeling crummy. She has him in bed every night, but will carry him around and take him on car rides when she's crabby, sick, or just plain old fussy.

Normally, when Kellie is feeling rotten, we have lots of babywearing time. She'll pull on my pant leg and say, "I want to sliiiiing!"

Well, with this belly bump, I don't really have room for a 26 pound toddler on my front. And back carries just don't cut it for Miss Kellie Allie. Thank you to Nikki for letting us borrow this swing. Kellie is able to sleep and get her rocking fix.

I hope Kellie still wants to be worn after Delia is here. :( That's a long time for her MaMa not to be able to sling her - she may lose interest.

I just realized that as I typed it... How sad.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm a Big Girl Now!

Uncle Jared and Aunt Tami sent Kellie her very first computer game:

Learning with Sesame Street!

Thank you SO much!
Kellie loves "having a turn" on Mommy's computer
and Mommy loves that her explorations on the keyboard
don't result in error windows! :)

Kellie is a BIG girl now!

This is the third night in a row that our bedtime routine didn't involve a Mommy or Daddy sitting in her room until she fell asleep.
Kellie has never had an easy time going to sleep.
And now, at 2 years and 3 months, she is able to put herself to sleep
with no tears, no sobs, and no complaints.

I am LOVING it!

All these big girl steps she has taken have been perfect timing for our upcoming arrival.
She's become so independent recently - undressing herself, helping with chores and cooking, pottying herself, and now - putting herself to sleep.

I'm just so thrilled!


On the newborn front, Delia Hazel's stash is now complete.
The highlight?

bumGenius! Onesize Organic Cotton All-In-Ones

Aren't they pretty?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


While walking down the aisle of the commissary - quite a few paces apart.

Kellie: I smell a MaMa!

MaMa: You do? What does a MaMa smell like?

Kellie: A MaMa smells like a MaMa!

MaMa: I smell a Kellie! What does a Kellie smell like?

Kellie: Kellie smells like flowers!


Kellie: I see it! I see the baby!

MaMa: You do?

Kellie: Uh huh! Right theeeere! (little finger points at my belly)

MaMa: If you see the baby, what is she doing?

Kellie: She's GROWING!

Later, at the breakfast table...

Kellie: Milk goes in my belly. Fries go in my belly. Cereal goes in my belly.

MaMa: What goes in my belly?

Kellie: The baby!

Maybe Baby

In an effort to maintain pregnancy beyond 35 weeks, I began weekly injections of 17P - a synthetic progesterone - on February 9th.

In one week, I lost my second trimester bounce.
I have no desire to clean, cook, or organize.
I would be happy sleeping 12 hours a day.

I feel like I'm powering a locomotive uphill - and that's just to get out of bed!

Essentially, I've been feeling like toast.

I almost quit the injections. Almost.

But reading through my blog posts during my first pregnancy convinced me that four months of pure exhaustion is worth the increased possibility of a full-term baby.

I was 50% effaced at 33 weeks.

50%! And my cervix was not checked again until I went into labor at 35 weeks.

I know we got off lucky with a pre-term baby exhibiting signs of a full-term pregnancy. But just because you win the lottery once, doesn't mean you should buy more tickets. Right? Be happy with the good fortune you have and make preparations for when your good fortune takes a nap.

If I can keep my cervix from effacing before 36 weeks, then maybe my bag of waters will have the support it needs to remain intact.

And if my bag of waters remains intact, then maybe my body won't expel Delia in an attempt to save her life.

If my body doesn't give Delia the boot before 36 weeks, then maybe - just maybe - we can have a happy, healthy, family-centered birth at the birth center.


Maybe is enough for me.
Let's hope this maybe is enough for Delia Hazel.

Monday, February 02, 2009


After a few big-time take-my-breath-away contractions, my midwife recommended I have my ultrasound moved up by a week to make sure that the baby was staying put.

Everything is fine - just a little bit of warm-up on my uterus' behalf.

But that means my ultrasound was a whole week early!

Sooooo... No more waiting!

We are having a GIRL!!!

Please allow me to introduce Delia,
whose middle name is yet to be determined. :D

Kellie and Brian picked out her take-home outfit.
Cute, huh?

She stayed snuggled up to her placenta the whole time.

Isn't she beautiful??

She looks just like her Daddy.