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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I've successfully removed 300 items from our home - and the number is steadily rising. So, I've had some extra time to play with our school room.

I'm so close to being done with this project - but I'm thrilled with how it's all looking so far.

Dress up and Dollies

Dress up and Doll house

From garage door -
Toy shelf with fine and gross motor skills

Desk, easel, ride-ons, and puzzles

Just to show the layout a bit -
Desk area on left, reading corner on right

One half of the reading corner

Second half of the reading corner

Again, to show the layout -
reading corner on left, dress up on right

Kitchen on right, dress up on left

The laundry I'm neglecting to post this -
I really dislike folding laundry...

Learning materials storage -
Check out the stacking file drawers!

They're all cram-packed with books such as these

Less glamorous storage

But they're all labeled!


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