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Friday, July 16, 2010


Delia's new favorite word - Stuck! (pronounced "duck!")

"I stuck!" As she tries to get out from behind the couch and recliner.
"I stuck!" As she tries to pull her finger out of a tiny hole she'd shoved it in.
"I stuck!" As she tries to get past a big sister blocking her way to MaMa.

She is now walking more than crawling....and I just got incredibly ill. End of post. :x

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Happy Birthday Delia Kate!

Delia will be one year old in two short days.
I can't believe it's been a year since I was BEGGING
for SOMEONE -ANYONE- to get this baby out of me!

Brian's work schedule prohibited us from celebrating on her actual birthday - so here's our early celebration!

We've called Delia "Smiley" since she was just a few months old. So we went with that as her birthday party theme. Enjoy the pictures! We wish you could be here. :D

1st birthday layette
From Grammie and Grandpa - Anywhere Chair

Smiley's Smash Cake

Smiley's ShareCakes

The Birthday Spread

Sweet big sister loaned the stuffing from her chair for the photos.

Kellie helping Delia dance


"Say 'birthday cake'!"

Enjoying all the commotion

Stepping to Daddy

She made it!

My girls

Daddy's girls

Delia's "Good Girl"

A kiss from Good Girl

Experimenting with the present pile

I think she's getting the hang of it

Zoe's tail hit Kellie's face - poor kid.

From Mom and Dad - a Rody Horse


From Auntie Rachel - a handmade baby doll

From Auntie Terra - handmade play food

Ready for cake!

She did NOT want to keep the hat on!

Big sister did.

"Happy birthday to you!"

Dig in!


Sister sharing

Auntie Rachel and Dad

Delia's first taste of cow's milk

And back to playing with all the new presents
From Mema, Papa, and Bella - a gumball machine and sidewalk chalk

Monday, July 05, 2010


I have had a rotating diaper stash ever since February of 2007.

I can say with certainty now that the door to the rotating stash has closed.

If you'd like to score some awesome fluff at an awesome price while I purge the nice but unnecessary from my stash, go to my HyenaCart listings. :D

Thanks readers!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Due Date

This was Delia's due date, one year ago.

Now? This baby is walking! She will independently take steps between two objects if steps are less than 8 total. She will also turn around from the wall, table or couch and see how far she makes it before she falls. Thanks again to Emily for helping me capture these precious moments in photographs.

Kellie has found her inner-mommy
and is using her new talents on her baby sister.

We try to sway her toward practicing on the dolls.

"Momma - you're my best mommy."
"Mommy? Can I wear two babies?"
"Momma - will your nurse my baby to sleep?"
"Mom? Tell me about when you were a baby."
"Momma - I wasn't a very happy baby, but you and Daddy knew how to help me calm down."