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Sunday, April 04, 2010


Delia would be nine months today had she been born on or before her due date. Buuuut, since she made the command decision of allowing herself a little extra time to get used to the idea of being a little sister to a big sister who was anxiously awaiting the opportunity to carry her little sister by her armpits...she will be nine months in six days.

Our almost nine month old baby says MaMa, DaDa, and Go.
She signs Milk, All Done, and More.
She crawls, pulls-up, and cruises.

And she freakin' climbs stairs!

Kellie has been maintaining a responsibility chart and is the sole trash-remover (for the bathroom trash) the sole laundry-folder (for the cloth wipes and napkins) and the sole table-clearer (for dinner...for her dishes). After folding a large stack of wipes last night, she says, "Now how am I gonna top that??" A little chuckle. "Oh, I know. Hot fudge." If you haven't seen Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs - get out.

For our Easter Day celebration, I explained to Kellie why we celebrate Easter. She held up her hand mid-explanation and said, "Momma, I know. I already feel Jesus in my heart." And then the scavenger hunt began. It was Kellie's first scavenger hunt (my first in over ten years) and we all had a blast. Delia was all grins and Kellie was thrilled to be searching for "clues." She was minimally stressed-out about the clue I hid in the dog food..."What if it got dirty???" She's my kid.

We had a blast in Utah, visiting Grandparents and cousins. But I don't think we'll do 3 straight weeks again for a long time - we ALL missed Daddy.

We're headed to Georgia and then on to Florida to see more family and friends and while I'm excited for the visit, I have resolved to stay in Colorado for at least 6 months after that.

So, there ya have it - a brief update on what's going on over here. I'm trying to find the love of blogging again...but it's not coming easily. I feel awful knowing my blog may be causing hurt feelings. The stress of that guilt has kept me away. But I feel terrible that I have written next-to-nothing on Delia and really need to have my blog to look back on when I fill in her baby book. Thanks for reading!