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Monday, June 05, 2006

When Morning Comes

I have a song stuck in my head.
I can't sleep...too nervous I won't wake up on time.

I start work again today...in less than six hours. And because Brian and I have only one car, I'll be getting up in four hours.

I slept so well for four hours (Thank you Benadryl!) and now.. that song in my head. Keeps repeating. And since I have it memorized, once it starts, I can't stop it. I have to finish the song. In my head, of course. No sense in keeping Brian up.

So, when morning comes, I'll be going back to work, in hopes of becoming debt-free before Little Chicken is born. I've actually metered out my paychecks and should be able to quit about two weeks before the baby is due to arrive. It's possible I'm being too optimistic about my debt solution. But it's what I need to be able to keep Brian sane about being a Dad. His biggest worry was finances. And once I presented the "Debt-Free" plan, he calmed down and settled happily into the idea of being a Father.

I'll suck it up and function on four hours of sleep if that's what it takes. But it sure would be nice to get in a few more before the alarm goes off.


  • At 8:10 AM, Blogger Heather said…

    hopefully you'll be able to sleep better. I am glad that you will be able to be out of debt by the time that the baby comes, hope it doesn't tire you out though.Can you lift anything yet? Love ya have a good day back at work!

  • At 6:34 AM, Blogger RuthieMom2 said…

    Debt, such an ugly, controlling thing. It never goes to sleep, never takes a day off, never takes a holiday. It just enslaves us.

    The good thing is... you are so good at the budgeting and money management game. I have ultimate faith in you.

    Brian is a very blessed man! And smart to realize what a great catch you are!

    Love you both!

  • At 11:49 PM, Blogger Paulie said…

    I am also happy for your ability to get out of debt, I believe you will do great in your life and I am so happy to have you as my sister :)

    I am also very happy to have Brian as a brother :)

    Miss ya both, Alot!


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