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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My Mom

"I raised you to be a level-headed, productive member of society.
If I can't let you go out and do that, then why did I raise you?"

Okay, maybe I shouldn't have put it in quotation marks. But those two sentences are the essence of what my Mom has told me every time I've asked her why she trusts me to run my own life.

My Mom is an inspiration to me. I hope I can be the kind of mom to our Little Chicken that she has been to me. I just can't bear the thought of this baby growing up without the kind of relationship I had with my Mom.

I am who I am because of the awesome relationship
I have with my Mom.

And I like me!

Thanks Mom. I really mean it.


  • At 6:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hello Laura!
    Thanks for the comment! Yes I remember you! Congratulations on the pregnancy. I hope that everything is going well with it and that what you're doing in Alaska makes you happy! Well write me now and then and I will be sure to write back!

  • At 7:20 AM, Blogger MartaMolly said…

    Really, Laurakinze, you give me too much credit. You were so easy to raise, despite all the sreaming that is! JK!... anyway... I think my dream was prophetic while carrying you, when I dreamed I was having a litter of kittens! You, my princess, have remained true to all that energy and fun!
    God truly blessed me as I looked into your big smiling eyes for the first time and felt the validity of true love.
    Why do anything at all? If we are not for something?

  • At 11:51 AM, Blogger Kara said…

    Hey Laura!
    Thanks for sharing your blog with me, I'm loving every minute of it. I especially love this post because I've always been jealous of your relationship with your mom and I miss you both tremendously! I've already told you all of that, but I wanted to say it again. You're both gorgeous women and I look up to you.
    Love you tons!

  • At 12:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yes, we are having a boy! We are thrilled. Are you going to find out what you are having?

  • At 4:57 PM, Anonymous Emilou said…

    Hehe! The first time I read that part in quotations, I read it in my head in this snarky tone of voice. But then I realized it was supposed to be inspirational. In which case, it's very sweet! :) And guess what? I'M MARRIED!!!

  • At 9:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    No problem... go ahead and link our blogs. July will come sooner than you think, I promise! Just make sure that it's about 100% sure that what the baby is is what the ultrasound technician is. If they can't identify the parts, they shouldn't say wheter or not it's a boy or girl ok!


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