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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ladies and Gents - We Have Teeth

Two! At once! They came in this morning. They've definitely broken through. Now they just need to stand their little selves up and I'll take a picture. Not much to see now, except two white lines in swollen pink gums. And Kellie isn't a big fan of me poking around in her mouth right now. Though she didn't mind Terra doing it... Hmmm....

She's also crawling from object to object. Here's a play by play (because I assume you're all as fascinated by Kellie as I am):

Kellie is standing in front of couch. What's that? A TV remote? I'm gonna get it!

Kellie walks along couch and retrieves the remote. But wait! Is that a pair of scissors?

Kellie sits down and crawls over to the scissors.

Mom swoops in and distracts Kellie with a book. Mom hides scissors.

Kellie gets bored of flapping the book around.

Kellie looks around the room for something fun.

Kellie locates the vacuum and crawls over to it.

Kellie pulls herself up on the vacuum...and starts crying when it falls over on her.

Mom swoops in with kisses. Kellie squirms out of Mom's grasp and begs to be put down.

Mom puts Kellie down after one final kiss.

Kellie brushes Mom off for the pile of baby leg warmers.

A loud noise on the TV and Kellie drops the leg warmers and crawls over to the TV. Kellie pulls herself up on the stand and proceeds to press buttons. The TV gets quiet. Could it be I've turned it off?

Kellie waits a moment more before giving up on the TV offering any kind of entertainment.

Kellie sits down and crawls over to Mom. Kellie pulls herself up on Mom's leg. I'm done exploring. Hold me!

She's a busy little baby, isn't she?


  • At 5:42 AM, Blogger Heather said…

    Sounds just about right. Isn't it so fun watching them explore! Teeth, alright! Now she can learn how to use them.


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