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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Color My World

Kellie has learned to splash in the tub. It's great fun! She thinks it particularly funny when water gets on my glasses.

She's also a crawling fanatic. She used to wake up from naps and yell for me until I got to her. When I would come bounding into the room, she'd smile...and continue to lie on her back until I picked her up. Yesterday, she yelled. Then was quiet. I heard her laughing on the monitor. So I took my time in getting to her. And when I got to our room, I saw that she had crawled toward the end of the bed!! She's a pre-toddler.

A few more baby gates are in our future.

I went to JoAnn's with Nikki and got some dye and some fleece. This was too much fun! I'm going back for more!

I also got my new favorite toy. Yay for 40% off coupons! I'm a geek. I know.

It's an art caddy! Pardon the giant mess around it. That's what it's for...to tame the mess.

Well, I completed my first custom-ordered longies. I must say, they turned out nicely. I had fun making them. I don't know how to go about spreading the word that I want to make longies for folks... Emily, maybe you can chime in - you business-woman you.

I got the house a teeny bit cleaner. I still miss Brian like a crazy woman.

Kellie has been in a glorious mood recently. She's very agreeable and playful. She spent a good ten minutes blowing raspberries on my face. And chewing on my chin. I swear, that tooth is going to come through any second.

We went to the farmer's market. I had a carrot that put grocery store carrots to shame. SHAME!

I bought my first bulk formula purchase... $80! For two weeks' worth! Brian said "Your boobs saved us a lot of money!" WIC is the only government program I actually put the effort into receiving. I know we qualify for a lot more, but we're doing okay without other assistance. WIC, though... we need. Even formula-feeding part-time, that's enough to break the bank!

I had a bizarre moment in which I had to talk myself out of cutting my own hair.

I was able to talk myself out of it. But those scissors were looking mighty shiny.

I like that I've been able to help so many wool users in their quest for the lanolin-spot-free lanolizing.

I'm going to be posting pictures of how to pin/Snappi a Tinkle Trap soon.

I have a lot of time on my hands. Don't hold my snap-happy blogging against me.

I'll be back to normal in 3 weeks or so. Picture-less blogging and all.


  • At 8:03 PM, Blogger Heather said…

    fun, fun. Cute clothes, fun bag. Tinkle Trap?

  • At 6:59 AM, Anonymous auntie em said…

    I DO have business tips for you! I'll e-mail you! And we should swap products. I'll bring your longies to boutiques with me and you can pimp my vinyl to your Alaskan friends. Sound like a plan? :) I love you!


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