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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Under My Rock

We're alive, just enjoying our time under the rock. This morning, I folded laundry while Kellie watched Finding Nemo. She got two fish for her room last weekend. She's absolutely taken with them. We wake up and feed them before breakfast. Then we feed them (She signs "food"), turn out their light, say goodnight ("Bye bye fishy") and climb into bed at night. Having fish in her room has turned out to be a wonderful transitioning tool. And she loves to call for them ("Fishies! Fishies!") and ask to be picked up ("Up? Up?") so she can see them. (They're up on her bookshelf.)

Kellie is back in cloth. When offered the choice, she chose her bumGenius, hugged it to her chest and sighed, "Mmmmmm..."

Remember why we started cloth in the first place? Kellie would have a bleeding rash in disposables. No matter what cream I used or how frequently I changed her. I was hoping her body would have... I don't know - grown out of it or something. Nope. The rash is still there. No amount of laziness will keep me from using what's best for my baby's bottom. So, cloth it is, folks.

I have a horrible paper cut that is making typing not-so-fun.

I finally cleaned my house...again. Seems this place doesn't come with a self-cleaning button.

Ummm... That's it. Sad, huh?


  • At 4:53 AM, Anonymous auntie em said…

    She's just so cute I can't even stand it! I need to tell you about the crazy baby dream I had, especially since my baby looked exactly like baby Kellie and had the same name!!!! :)


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