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Monday, January 21, 2008


There was dried up playdough under my shift key...

There was dried up playdough under Kellie's fingernails...

There is probably dried up playdough in some other random nook or cranny in our home...

Ya know why? Because Kellie is a toddler! That's right! She's taking steps, playing with playdough, coloring with crayons (nibbling on them, too), and scolding the dog.

Where have the past 14 months gone?

On recommendation from my Dad, I'd like to recount some of Kellie's quirks and funnies.

Kellie wears miniature hair barrettes. She loves them. She calls them "pretties."

Mom - Do you want a pretty in your hair?
Kellie - PRETTY!! Pretty! Pretty! Sits absolutely still while Mom clips in the barrette.

Fell Down
When Kellie fell out of her bed a few nights ago (Don't panic. She sleeps on a mattress on the floor.) I went to tend to her and shoosh her back to sleep. When I got to her room, this is how our conversation went -

Mom - Oh no! Did you get an owie?
Kellie - Fell down... Sob.
Mom - You got an owie when you fell out of bed?
Kellie - Fell down! Sob and whimper.
Mom - MaMa will kiss it better. Kisses kisses kisses. There we go, all better!

When Kellie learns a new sign from her Signing Time DVDs, she wants to use it all day long. I think she's experimenting to see what it will get her. When she learned the sign for "more," she used it relentlessly! Brian and I were so happy she'd learned a new sign that we'd praise and clap and ask what she'd like more of. Of course, she doesn't know what she would like more of. She just likes that we're reacting so exuberantly. So she waits until we start listing off things she could possibly be asking for.

Kellie - Signs "more"
Mom - Oh! You'd like more? What would you like more of?
Kellie - Concentrates on her fingers and signs "more" again
Mom - Would you like more kisses?
Kellie - Signs more.
Mom - Showers Kellie in kisses

Thirty seconds later

Kellie - Signs "more"
Mom - Good job! You signed more! What would you like more of?
Kellie - Signs "more"
Mom - Would you like more snuggles?
Kellie - Snuggles up to Mom and signs "more"

This really did go on for several days. When the novelty wore off, she learned a new sign and started over. Her current favorite sign is "ouch" or "hurt." I think she likes the kisses that are a direct result of telling Mom she has an owie.

Thanks for sharing in my candid Kellie recap!


  • At 7:58 AM, Anonymous auntie em said…

    So fun!! Post some pictures or a video or something so we can see Toddler Kellie!! :) I love that she's getting so grown up!

  • At 9:21 AM, Blogger Joanne said…

    Hey, Just thought I'd let you know you were an inspiration. Was directed to your blog when trying to figure out how to lanolize my wool (which I haven't done yet). I found your blogs so well written and enjoyable to read. Especially todays. I guess that is one way to look at playdough. I keep the playdough on a very high shelf. Anyway uou inspired me to write a blog and I love it. Keep it up mama! If you are curious my blog is "This little light of mine" maybe you'll get some enjoyment out of my nutty days!!

  • At 2:45 PM, Anonymous Mara said…

    Anjali recently learned a sign at daycare that I keep forgetting to ask her teacher about. She is very frustrated. I can't believe Kellie is such a talker! And the middle of the night kisses... so wonderful. These girls will be best friends, I know it... come to California so the bonding can begin! We don't even have to go to Disney... we can hike and go to the beach and stuff. Or we can go to Disney one day and I will help buy tickets!


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