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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ultimate Wisdom

My Mom possesses a skill. She is able to be diplomatic with even the most sensitive subjects. When I told her about EC, she politely and poetically told me she didn't think it was a good idea. Because she was so suave, I heard her words with an open-mind. She made valid points, some of which were:

There'd be less time devoted to Kellie's development.
I'd be focusing on when she had to pee instead of how much tummy time she'd had that day.

As I write these points, I realize they don't carry the full weight of my Mommy's wisdom, so they seem flimsy. But I've given it thought and decided that part-time ECing is best for us and our situation. Since her poops are few and far between (and very obvious in their coming), she'll be pooping on the potty. But since she was peeing two or three times an hour, she'll use her diaper to pee. This way, the benefits I'd listed previously are still enjoyed. And I spend less time running with a naked child to the potty. (In an eight hour period, we made this run at least sixteen times. Excessive. I know. And she didn't pee each time. Sometimes, it was just her making faces. And me being paranoid.)

Yet again, I change plans. :) Don't you love how predictable my unpredictability is??


  • At 9:39 PM, Anonymous Auntie Em said…

    Your unpredictability IS predictable and that's what I love about you. And I know your mommy well enough to know exactly how she said that and how it would get through to you. And I was under the impression you were only doing the EC thing for poopy anyway so I still think it sounds pretty cool!

    By the by, did I ever tell you about how I was teaching about friendship in Social Studies and I was modeling talking about your best friend and what you like about them so I was talking about you and what I loved about you and I told them that you moved to Alaska and they were so horrified and sad! Their little faces were priceless! It almost made ME cry! It DOES suck having your best friend move to Alaska! :)

  • At 5:17 PM, Blogger Name: Sheryl Branch said…

    Hey thanks for the advice on my blog, I was told by his doctor as well to tell my doctor i was exposed but didnt get it. I go in on monday Im so excited, so we will see how things are then. Good luck with this EC thing.

  • At 11:03 AM, Anonymous Penny said…

    Laura you sound as if you are a free thinker and high energy. If focused you will be one who will be able to change the world. It is surprising how sage our elders can be - especially our mothers. I vowed NOT to raise mine as I was raised. (My first came 1 month after I turned 21.) But you know what, I modified what they did but kept the core values and you can see the results in Phil. They do have alot of wisdom showered with love and concern that you don't hit the same pitfalls into which they fell! :)

  • At 8:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Laura I admire the fact that you could even consider ec, with my two other children and the baby and all of the craziness, I can barely get a grip on my own! Sometimes it has been hours and I am like ohh ya maybe I should listen to that little voice inside my abdomen that is DROWNING:) I love your ambition! Really.


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