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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Time to Kill

Kellie's sleeping and I have some time to kill before the spin cycle on the washer is done. So! A longer post, for my avid readers.

Thank you for your kind words about my weight. I don't know quite why the camera is so nice to me. I swear, those in real life don't react the way you fine people do when they hear my weight. I must have one of those magic cameras that takes away ten pounds instead of adding them.

Kellie and I (And maybe Brian, one day) are embarking on a little thing called "Elimination Communication" (aka "Trickle Treat" "EC" or "Infant Potty Training"). It's a belief that babies are born knowing how to communicate their need to defecate/eliminate.

Think about it, don't all newborns pee or poop the moment that diaper comes off? And you think, "I can't wait until they learn to keep it in the diaper!" When we go to potty train toddlers, it can be a frustrating ordeal because you are literally undoing their entire lifetime of diaper training.

Since Kellie has very obvious signs for when she needs to defecate, I tried helping her go potty in the toilet. I figured, "Hey! Why not?" And it worked!

I was immediately sold on the idea of Kellie feeling like she had effectively communicated the need to relieve herself.

And my poopy diaper washing basically being cut down to zip.

Plus, when you wipe after a poop in the potty, it's only at the site. When you wipe after a poopy diaper, who knows how far up their bum cheeks and thighs it can go. You know what I mean?

Granted, EC is not the norm. But ask yourself, when have I ever been the norm??

Emily, I really do intend to measure Kellie's walls! And one day, I hope to come out of my lurking closet and comment regularly once more. I just seem to have a zillion other things to do.

I'm excited to be going home soon! I am a paranoid person, so I'm leaving dates out of this. Just pure excitement!

I bought an infant potty for Kellie and Target won't let me change the color because they already printed a shipping label. No, they have not shipped it. They just printed a label. When I explained that I needed only to change my color choice, not the actual product, the representative asked why. I told her of our blue Bumbo and how I worried Kellie might be confused between her blue Bumbo and her blue potty seat.
She replies, "She won't."
"She won't?" I ask.
"I have five kids. She won't." she states in a matter-of-fact tone. Then, "Well, how old is she?"
"She's four months." I say.
"What? You can't train a four month old baby! Maybe she will get confused! As to why you're putting her on a potty and not a diaper!"
I just smile and thank her for her "help."

Sigh. I guess I can make sure her Bumbo stays in one area and her potty in another. Never associating the two in the same room. Any other ideas?


  • At 1:39 PM, Blogger Name: Sheryl Branch said…

    Thats crazy, well maybe she will be potty trained early then wont you feel proud, lol it will pay off.

  • At 3:34 PM, Anonymous Auntie Em said…

    Wel, personally I think it sounds darn cool! And I'm all over anything that ends with more poop in the potty and less poop everywhere else! And don't stress, measure the walls when you get a chance. I may make a mockup for you today though so you can tell me what you think and then we'll scale it to size once you measure.

    I can't wait to see you so soon! And random, remember my old roommate Kirsten? She's on a mish in Arizona and just wrote me today. She's getting home like May 8 or something and getting married a month later! Caaarazy. But so is she. :)

    Love love love looooove you!

  • At 2:40 PM, Anonymous heather said…

    I am glad that you have the time and the gung-ho to go and do all of these non-conventional things and I am glad that you enjoy it. Defenetly not for me and mine.


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