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Monday, August 09, 2010

I was robbed!

The last time I left my car unlocked was well over six years ago. I lost my radio/CD player that day.

I went to help a friend clean and stage her house and left my van unlocked to save myself a few minutes :roll: as I was feeling impatient while unloading the kids.


I was in her house for a little over 3 hours, my van in her driveway in what felt like a safe neighborhood. I know I shouldn't have done it, but I did, I left the van unlocked and someone helped themselves to my GPS system.

I hope that whoever took it uses the money they make off of selling it to get their kids some food or school clothes or health care.... or a Ju Ju Be. I might be able to forgive a Ju Ju Be.

After I found out (Brian asked where my GPS was to run some lamps over to my friend's house), I shouted at the heavens,

"But I was doing something nice for someone else! I was doing something niiiiiiiice!"

On a positive note:
Kellie is spelling words like: bed, mom, dad, kellie, gent, delia, no, on, stop, go, up, down - the list goes on! She can write any word that you spell for her and draws some pretty rockin' stick figures.

Delia is putting several words/signs together: signing "eat" "mama" "milk" when she wants to nurse, saying "eyes" as she stabs you in the eye, signing "ouch" and pointing to her mouth when she is teething, getting into something and then telling on herself by bringing that something to me and saying "ut oh!"

Brian and I put an offer in on a house - hoping this one sticks! Wish us luck and I'll update with pictures if we get it.


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