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Sunday, September 02, 2007

I Need To Clean My House...Bad

I've become a social butterfly. I'm out of the house more than I'm home.

My house is neglected and I'm afraid CPS will swoop in and take Kellie away as I gingerly pry her sticky fingers off of the bits of thread and fabric scattered across our living room floor. Remnants of my frenzied MaMaCloth-Making-Mania.

Kellie loves chocolate chips. She makes grown up faces about how good they are. It's fun to see her looking like a toddler. I'll have to snap a shot.

She's sleeping at night again. This last week must have been a teething thing. We could not get her to sleep at night for ANYTHING! (Aside from the miracle night, as was previously mentioned.)

TurboKick kicked me in the face. I went to a turbokick class offered at the base gym. It put my Tae Bo video to shame! SHAME! My shoulders hurt! It was the best hour and fifteen minutes I've ever spent exercising.

My house smells.

My new favorite show is Property Ladder.

No one told me my face was so fat when I was pregnant! I'm holding someone responsible for my ignorance!

I'm craving sausage... Spicy sausage. Darn Costco samples! Making a girl drool!

Kellie no longer calls me May May. I'm MaMa now. Boobs are Neeng Neeng. (Think knee knee, but with a stuffed up nose.) And she says woof and makes panting noises when we play with her fire fighter dog. I can't believe she's using words! And at appropriate times. Could it be that she knows what she's saying??

Leave it to my kid to talk before she crawls... or rolls over on a regular basis.


  • At 8:30 AM, Anonymous auntie em said…

    Aww I miss you!! :) I'm not at all surprised Kellie is communicating so early. She's got a talkative Mama so she's got to keep up!! :) And she's a girl after my own heart- loving chocolate at such a young age!! Hehe!


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