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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Happy MaMa's Day

Delia's communication has exploded! It's so much fun to hear her sweet little voice! Among others (that are spontaneous and usually a mimick), the following words make-up her expanding vocabulary:

MaMa - Delia's favorite word.
NughNugh - A close second. This is what Delia says when she wants to nurse.
Gooh Gah Zee (Good Girl Zoe)
Gankoo (Thank you)
Deah (Delia)
Go (She uses this when playing on the playground or being spun around by DaDa)
Mah (More)
Dan (Dance - she uses this when we hold her hands and help her dance)
Naw Nigh! (Not nice! - she uses this when we take away a new-found shiny toy, like a cell phone or remote control. Or if Daddy closes the fridge before she has had the opportunity to fully inspect it. Or if she wants to be picked-up and her desperate attempts at climbing our legs don't work.)

As I'm typing this, Delia is nursing. She keeps popping off to talk to me.
"Good Girl!"
"Good Girl!"
"Good Girl Delia!"
"Thank you!"

She has two teeth now and is working on her third.
She climbs stairs like a maniac (and looks back to make sure we're watching before she continues).
She loves Peek A Boo and talking on the phone.

Kellie is into macaroni art and made a beautiful necklace for me for Mother's Day. She helped us catch some ants on my birthday - then helped us humanely release them after starving them for 3 days. (Those ants were not digging the gel the Dollar Spot at Target supplied...)
Her best friend in Colorado is named Tyler. Tyler and Kellie have so much in common - it's spooky.
With all our hustle and bustle, Kellie has been deprived of her daily art project. Once we busted out the paints, she set forth and made many masterpieces. She revels in the glitter and glam she had previously taken for granted.

Well, Delia is at her wit's end, saying "Not nice!" because I won't pick her back up. So that's the sudden and unexpected close of this post. Thanks for reading!


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