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Friday, April 24, 2009

Should I Be Doing Something Else Right Now?

Conquering the mountain of laundry that threatens to take over my home?
Or picking up the toys strewn about the living room floor?
Replacing all the diaper bags and purses I ripped out of Kellie's closet in my desperate search for the perfect zipper pouch?
Or possibly clearing the table so my poor family won't have to shove aside mail, oranges, and a sweater shaver to eat?

Yes. Yes I should.

Am I?

I think the following post answers that question -

A few things you missed in my pregnancy-induced laziness:
The farewell of a wonderful family, bound for Florida -
Terra, Phil, and Nora Gudgel

The Imaginarium

28 Weeks

The Alaska Zoo

The Great Indoor Gent Family Easter Egg Hunt

The Alaska Aquarium

(Despite the pouty face, this little girl was thrilled with her tutu!)

Spontaneous love and flowers for MaMa
(Thank you Daddy! And thank you Kellie Allie!)

Lastly, my hardcore nesting that was a direct result of the previous post.
With a highlight of my new diaper bag,
all packed and ready for a possible pre-term birth.
I figure if I have it packed, it will decrease my chances of needing it.
Every little bit helps, right?
The Ju Ju Be - Be Right Back

Maya Wrap ring sling and a premium prefold for a burp cloth

MaMaMade Preemie-sized blanket on the left, receiving blanket on the right.

8 preemie prefolds, 2 newborn Bummis Super Brite covers,
1 Mommy's Touch wetbag, 2 outfits and 2 undershirts
In the black case - Body Shop bamboo hair brush,
Buriti Baby shampoo, Buriti Baby body butter
In the black elastic straps - 18 cloth wipes
2 Snappis and 1 pair of locking-head diaper pins

How much time did I just kill?

I killed an hour.
60 minutes. I killed them dead.
I hope you enjoyed it!
Now, will someone please come fold my laundry???


  • At 6:52 AM, Anonymous auntie em said…

    Sigh. I wish I could come fold your laundry. I just can't believe that I'm missing another of your pregnancies, and more of Kellie growing up. It's just not fair! I miss you!


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