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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Daddy Inspired

While I love the name Hazel,
I think it's important for a father to be completely pleased
with the name of his child.

So, after much deliberation
and many many name combinations,
we have arrived happily at:

Delia Kate

Delia Kate was in a breech position during today's ultrasound. She was transverse (side to side, not up and down) at her last ultrasound. Tonight, at water aerobics, I dove headfirst into the pool in an attempt to flip her headside down. Flip she did...and then she flipped right back as soon as I angled my body toward the surface of the water.

Determined not to be breeched out of the birth center, I lay in bed tonight and gently nudged her head down and her bum up.

I can't be certain that she has moved into a head-down position -but I am feeling kicks in my ribs where I used to be feeling hiccups and hiccups in my cervix where I used to be feeling kicks. So I'm hopeful Delia and I have accomplished an early station-ready position.

Keep your fingers crossed that she doesn't flip herself again before 30 weeks!


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