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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bag of Water

Last Monday, when Kellie started giving herself "injections" (using whatever pointy object she had handy - a fork, a crayon, a wooden bottle of catsup...) I felt it was necessary for me to explain the weekly doses of progesterone she sees Mommy undergo.

This is how my explanation went:
MaMa: Baby girl! Is there a reason you're poking your fork into your belly button?
Kellie: I'm getting my shot! It's okay - it doesn't hurt.
MaMa: Are you getting a shot like Mommy?
Kellie: Yep!
MaMa: Do you know why Mommy gets shots?
Kellie: wide-eyed stare
MaMa: Mommy gets shots to help keep baby Delia in my belly just a little bit longer.
Kellie: Oh, 'cause baby Delia is growing. solemn faced nod
MaMa: That's right, Delia is growing. And she needs a lot more time in Mommy's belly before she'll be big enough to come out. My shots are helping her stay in longer. You're a lucky kid, because even though you came out of Mommy's belly early, you were big enough to come home with Mommy and Daddy right away.
Kellie: Uh huh. 'Cause I was growing!
MaMa: That's right! You were growing. But your bag of water broke a little too early when Mommy's cervix began effacing. When your bag of water broke, it was time for you to be born.
Kellie: mindlessly goes back to dancing the fork and catsup bottle across her belly

There was no more talk of injections, shots, bellies, growing, so forth...

Until Delia's ultrasound today.

Kellie had been very involved with the ultrasound up to this point - shouting out the body parts she knew and telling the tech all about Delia growing in Mommy's belly. So the tech was being an awesome guy and including her in our conversation about Delia's growth, position (breech, by the way), and facial features.

Mom to ultrasound tech: What are you measuring there?
Tech: I'm measuring the amniotic fluid. Tech looks at Kellie and says, more specifically - The bag of waters.
Kellie: beaming pride I was a fish in a bag of water.
Tech to Mom: Did she just tell me that she was a fish in a bag of water?
Mom: puzzled chuckle Yeah. I guess she did.
Kellie: indignant that the grownups around her would chuckle at her very proud statement I was a fish in a bag of water! But then my bag of water broke and it was time for me to come out of Mommy's belly.
Mom: looks to Dad, then to tech, and hastily attempts to explain how Kellie came to the conclusion that she had once been a fish... in a bag of water...in Mommy's belly

I'm assuming her creative mind took a whole week to stew on my explanation of her early arrival. We used to keep a fish tank in her room and we'd replace the fish often as the tank's previous inhabitants would inevitably perish. While carrying the many fish from the car to her room, Kellie would often observe that they lived in a bag of water.

That's really the only connection I can see.

Sometimes her train of thought astounds me!


  • At 5:24 AM, Anonymous auntie em said…

    I love this story. But I was really hoping it would end with Kellie using the word "cervix" or "effaced." Dang. Maybe next time.


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