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Monday, January 19, 2009

My Happiness

At 12 weeks, I was feeling this little baby's fluttering movement.
At 14 weeks, the bumps and jumps were a little more obvious and frequent - up to three times a day.
At 16 weeks, I love to lie very still on the couch and wait for this baby to wiggle and jiggle about.

In those moment's I am filled with happiness. The happiness I worried wouldn't come.

A small confession (one that I understand is pretty common for a second pregnancy) is that I only fell head over heels in love with this new person when I could feel it squirming about.

My first pregnancy love was magical and almost instant. I was truly ashamed that I hadn't fallen as fast for this baby as I had for my tiny zygote of 2006. But I'm there now and just as in love as I was the day I found out. I may not have known that I was in love then, but I know it now. And it's a wonderful feeling that I'm reminded of with each little nudge.


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