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Monday, January 19, 2009

Three Cheers for Individuality

Kellie's individuality is important to me. As she has changed her name -over and over- I've gone along with it and asked her friends and family to respect her decision as well.

I'm not sure how far I should stretch it... but for right now, I'm going to stretch it just a little further.

Kellie has asked to be called Kee Kee.

She made her mind up on Sunday when her nursery leader accidentally called her Kee Kee. -I can't imagine it's easy remembering all of Kellie's names along with the names of the other children in the class.-

Kee Kee giggles gleefully each time we call her by her new chosen name.

Given the choice between Kee Kee and any of her previous nicknames (Kay Kay, Kellie Allie, Kellie Allie Allison, plain old "Kellie"), she undoubtedly chooses Kee Kee.

My daughter has a creative streak wider than I could have hoped for. I'm assuming her renaming herself is similar to another child pretending to be different jungle animals.

I'm having fun with it and am always sad to see a nickname go.

Her love of language has been fun to experience as well. Over the months, we've had some fun words come out of her little mouth. Since Kee Kee has always been so spot-on with her pronunciation, it's rare to have a word said incorrectly. Unlike many parents, I revel in them and maybe let them go on longer than I should. Mostly because I know my daughter, and I know that the moment she finds out she's been saying it wrong, she will correct herself posthaste.

Just so I don't forget these little gems of joy, I'd like to list off a few of my favorites that have come and gone. Most of these mispronounced words lasted weeks only.

Barbo - Her Barbie from Grandma Lori was affectionately referred to as "Barbo"
Snow Flow - She loves to watch the snow plows do their work. She'd put an F where the P should be and say it just like it the beginning of "flower"
Sodo - for soda
Nuggle - for snuggle
Air Puh-lane - for airplane
Beenana - for banana
Bow-ying - for bowling
Eeeks-cited - for excited
Mewgsic - for music

I'm sure there's more. If you've heard Kee Kee speak and can remember a word she used to say incorrectly - let me know so I can add it to my memory box. Please? :)


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