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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

All-Kellie All-the-Time

News... News news news. Well!

We went to see Sesame Street Live on Friday.
Kellie had a blast!
She got an Elmo doll as a souvenir -
Zoe promptly adopted him into the Gent family.

Kellie got a tricycle tonight.
I love buying her girly things!
When Brian asked her, "What color is your bike?"
She replied, "My bike is pink!"

Thank you Daddy!

Kellie's little mouth says the darndest things!
Here are a few of the recent Kellie-isms:

Kellie is eating a yogurt covered raisin.
She says, "Mmmm!"
I say, "Is that good?"
She says, "It's delicious!"


Kellie is sitting in her highchair,
she has sliced apples and chicken on her plate.
Brian is eating fries.
Kellie says, "I want fries!"
Brian says, "You've got fries - right on your plate."
He points at her apple slices, thinking they are fries.
Kellie looks down at her plate.
She looks back up at Brian and says, "Apple."


I say to Kellie, "Do you want to go poo poo on the potty?"
She says, "No. Poo poo in diaper."


Kellie is outside in the rain.
She says, "Wet! Wet!" while signing "wet."
I say, "Yes! It is wet. It's raining."
She says, "Oh."


Kellie is in a store with me.
To a nice-sized group of people in the checkout line,
she says, "Mommy's nursies all gone."
while emphatically signing "all done/finished."


Kellie likes to hide in closets and wait quietly until we dramatically exclaim,
"Where's Kellie??"
At which point she will slide open the closet door and shout,
"I'm here!"


She doesn't need a closet for this game.
She'll hold her hands over her face until we start the game.
"Where's Kellie? I can't see her! Where'd she go?"
Then she'll fling her arms out and shout,
"I'm right here!!"


When Brian and I are up against a chore neither of us wants to do,
we settle the matter with a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors.
Over the months (Eek! Almost years!)
Kellie has come to love a rousing game of
She calls it "Shoot!" because Brian and I always say,
"One two three - shoot!"
She'll ask for "Shoot!" if Brian and I are talking in serious voices
or are in a disagreement.

This concludes the all-Kellie network broadcast.