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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Every Year

When the holiday season comes banging on my door, I find myself rearranging furniture. Do you do that? To make room for your holiday decorations? Problem is, I like it better this way. Brian likes it better the other way. I usually cave and put things back to "normal" to keep the peace. But the holiday setup is so utilitarian. So me.

Kellie's first birthday is coming up. We're having a small dinner with cake and gifts. Our gift to Kellie will be kitchen-themed toys. Child-sized stainless steel pots and pans, child-sized stainless steel cutlery, the tea set my Grandma gave me, and child-sized cookie cutters, rolling pins, and serving spoons. For Christmas, I'll be making her some pot holders and an apron. Then we'll be getting her a small wooden "stove." It's a box that holds kitchen accessories. When you take the top off, it slides into the vertical grooves in the box to make a back splash for a pint-size stove. So cute. And so Kellie.

I've been having some killer migraines. My sleep schedule is gone! We've been doing so well ever since Kellie got her big girl bed. I have a feeling I'll be hating life tomorrow since I'm staying up to blog and rearrange furniture. The only pain killers that work for my migraines contain caffeine. Ever since I cut caffeine out (When I was pregnant) I've become very sensitive to it. Even the slightest bit keeps me wired for hours. Harrrumph...

I'm the grumpiest gal in the world. Don't know why. I wish I did, though. Poor Brian is afraid to open his mouth. It's like I'm in my last trimester again!

I've decided to keep Keeta. (Formerly known as Pequita) I decided a while ago, but I just realized I never wrote about it. Her original owners had planned on taking her back in October. When I never heard from them, I felt so sad for her. I went to break the news to her and ended up snuggling her and brushing her hair. We bonded and I want her to stay with us. Even if her previous parents get in contact with us. Too bad. She's mine. This is her first day in our house. She doesn't care for coming out of the basement. But the first day, she didn't know the basement existed.

Amy - I'd love to make you a soaker or longies. If you're interested, email me at MrsBGent at yahoo dot com My prices are more than reasonable. :)


  • At 7:09 AM, Blogger Heather said…

    rearranging furniture is awesome. A girl needs a little change every now and again. Wish I would have learn to sew when I had just one child. You are awesome, you go girl!thats great that you can have animals and that you and the cat get along so well. Fun birthday and Christmas ideas for Kellie!

  • At 4:43 PM, Anonymous auntie em said…

    We rearranged our furniture last weekend and it made me think of you!

    I got the CUTEST stuff for Kellie's kitchen today! I'm so excited! There was an apron but I didn't get it because I thought you said you were getting her one. I did get her a little chef's hat tho!!! I'm so excited about it!


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