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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bad Hair Day

You know when you cut your hair in the middle of the night and it turns out okay, but you miss your layers?

You know when you go to MasterCuts on a whim and trust the first stylist available to restore them?

You know when you grimace in horror as you watch a middle-aged man, dressed like Al on Tool Time, hack away at your hair?

You know when you politely squeak, "Wow! That's a lot shorter than I was thinking!"?

You know when your aging stylist replies with a huff, "These are long layers. They're what you asked for. That's why we consult before cutting."

You know when your stylist continues to chop, ignoring your gradually slumping body? Maybe I can slink out of this chair unnoticed...

Now you know where I was less than eight hours ago. This is bad. Very bad.

Luckily, I remember most of my schooling. I can fix it. It'll be shorter, but it'll be tolerable. I only cried once.

Remember when I swore off haircuts in Alaska? Okay. Now remind me of that next time I rush out the door to have my hair viciously attacked.

Pictures tomorrow. Only of the repaired cut. I couldn't let the world see the mess that is my head! Good thing Kellie has become a sound sleeper. Looks like another Midnight Haircut for Laura...

Amy C. in VA - I was wondering what brand of wool soaker you showed in your lanolin article - it looks so cozy and cute! ...do you use a fitted under a wool soaker?

Hi Amy! I actually made that soaker from this pattern with a few of my own modifications. I use prefitteds or fitteds under wool. I also make my own prefitteds and fitteds. I've got to do something with all this pent up energy!


  • At 6:12 AM, Blogger Heather said…

    Wow,so sorry about your head of hair. Hope you are able to even it out.You and your talent and energy, its awesome!


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