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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

To be a kid again

Brian and I took Zoe for a walk in the park a couple of days ago. When I saw this picture, I just sat and smiled. I look truly happy in this picture.

I'd like to think that look on my face sums up how I feel about my life right now. My life is exactly as I want.

I never thought life could be THIS good


  • At 4:52 PM, Anonymous Emily said…

    Oh my gosh honey, I almost had a heart attack when I read your last post. The internet isn't working in our apartment so I haven't been online at all this week. I'm SO so sooooooooo glad that you DIDN'T have a misscarriage. And you know I will pray through this whole thing that it goes ok and that everyone is safe. Oh how I love you and your happy face in this picture. And darlin I'm so sorry I didn't call you on your birthday! I promise I didn't forget it, I just forgot to call in the craziness of wedding stuff and student teaching. I'm so sorry!! I love ya girl. Can't wait till I can see your beautiful face again soon! I love you!

  • At 7:24 AM, Blogger RuthieMom2 said…

    Wow, they have wide slides in Alaska, too! It must be America.

    So, after my initial feelings of discomfort about this blog thing (and the fact that MySpace.com and other blog sites for children have been getting such bad press), it's fun to see what you are up to way up there in the Northern Yukon.

    Have a great week!

    Love you.


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