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Saturday, April 29, 2006


For those of you who know me, you know how overzealous I tend to be in my planning. I've been "planning" for a baby since I was eight years old. Being a mom has been my greatest aspiration, thanks to the inspiration that is my Mom. When we found out that we indeed ARE pregnant, my planning bug got kicked into overdrive. That is exactly why at nine weeks along, we have a crib...
set up and filled with things I've been gathering and things we just HAD to rush out and buy. I'm pretty sure this kid will want for nothing.

This picture is the left side of the crib. As you can see, we have two packs of child-size hangers, a positioning sleeper, a seasonal cover for a carrying car seat, a pack of onesies, a crib sheet, a teething blanket (Brian picked this out, simply because he thought the teddy bear was TOO cute), a car seat protector, a pack of wipes and diapers, and a blanket from my childhood.

This is a picture of the right side of the crib. Here we have a boppy, a home health kit, spoons, a teether, and a teddy bear that Deah (My mom) gave me, but I thought it was so cute stuck in the boppy, so I left it there.

And now the full view of the crib. The blanket is one this baby's Deah made a long time ago. Just needs binding, and I'll be attempting that! I even tried out the mattress in the store! Sometimes, I think I'm too kooky for my own good. Luckily, Brian takes all my zaniness in stride. You might not think this is overboard (Probably because you know me.) but we're only nine weeks along. Can you imagine what might occur over the next seven months?

Babies R Us... Watch out!


  • At 1:11 PM, Blogger Emily Kate said…

    Oh darling, I wish I could say I was surprised! :) You funny girl you! I wish I was there to share in all the excitement!!


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