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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Week 4

Co-sleeping is back with a bang.
We had the fire department at our house last night.
And I'm down .8 of a pound!

Week's Loss: -0.8
Total Loss: -7.0
Pounds to Go: 34.8

To go into further detail. I realized that the reason Kellie was waking up with sheets on her head was that I took out the wedge we'd put under the sheet for her congestion. Take that out and I'm a rollin' MaMa! Put it back? No sheets over the head since. Whew! We both missed co-sleeping. She would sleep for 20 minutes, wake up and want me to hold her. Once I laid her back down, she'd realize I was gone and cry for me to hold her again. Brutal nights.

Our smoke detectors went off for no obvious reason last night. The fire department came out, we evacuated (Kellie in a snow suit), while they did their thing we waited in a neighbor's house. When Kellie started crying (It was nearly midnight!) I took her back outside and the fire fighters let us sit in their truck. Not their engine. Their truck. Still cool!

And again, I don't deserve the weight loss. I really only followed the plan two days out of the week.


  • At 3:01 PM, Anonymous Auntie Em said…

    Woohoo on the weightloss! You're pretty much amazing! :) Glad you were able to figure something out for co-sleeping. And scary about the fire detectors but glad everything was ok! :) Miss ya! Can't wait to see ya! (PS did you see on my blog the shirt I bought for Kellie? It's sooo cute)

  • At 8:57 PM, Anonymous Heather said…

    out in the cold of alaska at night for a false alarm, yikes! Weight loss woohoo! You are going to be so skinny by the time that you come to visit!


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