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Monday, November 07, 2005


I got my new iPod skin in the mail today. I bought it off eBay. My seller described this skin as "new." I just have to say, it smells like pickles! What's that about?!? And it surely is NOT new. It's all grimy like it's been handled on more than a handful of occasions! I was a bit peeved.

For the record, I still would have bought it if I knew it was used. But it sucks having purchased an item because of the description only to receive an item that does not match that description! I foresee a neutral feedback in my seller's future.

Whew! Now that rant is over!

I got my first "stranger comment!" I'm so excited! I love EK, but this blog was starting to feel like a letter to Em everyday. :)

I think that comment makes me an official blog posting fool, as EK would say.

I'm playing soccer tonight. I'm fairly excited. I paid fifty bucks for about ten to fifteen games. Most likely ten games because we suck too much to make it to the playoffs. But, my manager has scheduled me to work on most of the nights the games are. Since I want her to work with my school schedule, I'm playing nice and not putting up a fuss. I'll just miss the games. I also want two weeks off at Christmas, so I'm making my time-off requests scarce to decrease my chances of having to quit just to have Christmas break off.

So, for all you strangers out there, who likely also blog, maybe you can assist me. I want to be able to put a picture in the MIDDLE of my post, not just at the top. Any suggestions? Or are my expectations a little too high?

EK, you're welcome to respond to this dilemma if you have a solution.

Thanks for reading!


  • At 7:18 PM, Blogger Emily Kate said…

    I like this blog skin better than the other one. It's more...you. And did I know you actually ordered an ipod? I mean, do you already have it? Or did the skin come first? Hope you can get the pickle smell out.

    Since when did you play soccer??

    I don't know how you even do pictures on blogger (it's different in wordpress, which is what I use). Sorry!


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